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Karol Bieńkowski

  Curriculum Vitae / Résumé as PDF

My CV / résumé is available in the following versions:

Please take a look at my public profile at LinkedIn which is usually up-to-date and quite detailed. I maintain a list of professional and university projects I participated in. My technical blog may be also of interest for you.

If you'd like to see my Java code samples have take a look at my TopCoder's profile or review my and old university projects. Note that the code for the TopCoder competitions was to be written very quickly so it is not of the same quality as my daily-work code.

  Dear head hunters

I'm not actively looking for a job but if you have an interesting offer do not hesitate to contact me. Please find below a few characteristics of the ideal job for me.

  1. A high Joel test score
  2. The qualities of people I work with are important. A good recruitment process, taking university education into account, is essential in building a great team.
  3. I find challenging to create new code (rather than just maintaining the old one). Especially if it's a product developed in a software house.
  4. Large amount of independence in making decisions is an advantage for me no matter if I am a programmer, an architect or a team lead.
  5. To achieve great results a decent work environment is necessary – a quiet room, a fast laptop, a big screen. A well-located office for easy commutting is also important for me.
  6. ;)

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